Strengthen defense cooperation Vietnam-Spain


Upper Ministerl Nguyen Chi Vinh, Deputy Minister of Defense. (Photo: Tran Le Lam / VNA)

Upper Minister General Nguyen Chi Vinh, member of the Party Central Committee, Deputy Minister of Defense, led by Defense delegation visited Vietnam to work in Spain from 2 to 4/12 at the invitation of State Secretary Spanish defense Pedro Argüelles Salaverria.

2/12 morning, at the headquarters of the Spanish Defence Ministry, Defence Delegation Vietnam by Senior Upper Minister Nguyen Chi Vinh and delegation led by Defence Spain by Pedro Argüelles Salaverria he led, was conducted audience.

At the meeting, Senior Upper Minister Nguyen Chi Vinh has conveyed the Minister of Defence of Vietnam, General Phung Quang Thanh, Minister of Defence to Spa


r Nguyen Chi Vinh said that last time, the Vietnam-Spain has developed rapidly on many fronts, especially since the two countries to upgrade ties to strategic partnership.

Upper Minister Nguyen Chi Vinh said Vietnam attaches great importance to relations with Spain and wants to strengthen cooperation with Spain, including defense relations, to match relationships Strategic Partnership.

Upper Minister Nguyen Chi Vinh suggested next time the two sides should actively implement defense cooperation on the basis of content MoU on bilateral defense cooperation signed in 2010, which focuses on the areas of exchange delegations at all levels, cooperation between research bodies strategies, exchange of training, exchange of experience in participating in the peacekeeping operations of the United Nations, on demining remnants of war competition, cooperation in the defense industry.

Upper Minister Nguyen Chi Vinh believes that the promotion of defense cooperation will contribute actively to strengthen ties of friendship and mutual understanding between the peoples and armies of the two countries, in accordance with the interests of each country.

Defense secretary Spain appreciated the visit of the delegation of the Ministry of Defense Vietnam and confident defense ties between the two countries will develop in line with the strategic relations Bilateral Partnership.

Defense secretary said Spain Spain although affected by the economic crisis-financial, defense budget cuts, but the Spanish army while ensuring complete tasks in domestic and international.

Spain considered the deployment of defense cooperation agreement signed with other countries, including Vietnam, is an important task.

Defense secretary Spain agreed with the proposed content of the Vietnam defense cooperation and suggested the two sides should actively implement in the near future.

Defence State Secretary expressed his Spanish, with experience in participation in the peacekeeping operations of the UN and in the work of demining, Spain is ready to share experience and support Vietnam in this field.

In the framework of the visit, Upper Minister Nguyen Chi Vinh and Defence delegation visited Vietnam several military units of the Spanish Nha./.

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